In Philippians 2.1-13 the apostle Paul demonstrates Christ as the example of humility and humbleness. He emptied himself and took on human form, although he was the Son of God. Christ Jesus didn’t claim his divinity on earth at all. He lived just like a human being amongst others. Yet he exhibited his absolute submission and total obedience to God up to the point of his death.

Paul encouraged the the Christians in Philippi to adapt and exercise Christ’s humility in their church. Their adaption of Christ’s humility can be demonstrated in the ways that they shouldn’t do anything out of their selfishness, ambition and conceit, but they should love and respect one another and look to the interests of others. And they should do all things without grumbling and arguing. These things would help the Philippian Christians to live in harmony and enhance unity amongst themselves.

Paul points out that it is God who enables and empowers us to will and work for his good purpose. He loves to see his children love one another and live in harmony and unity.