26779853762_388e259214_k.jpg“In the current political conversation the language of aspiration is being thrown around with great passion by those who believe that aspiration is one of the highest motivators we have in life. In most cases the basis of such aspiration is personal dreams. We are told to pursue our dreams as though they are the most important thing for us to do in life. We see this with sports persons and those who are highly ambitious with their careers. As a society we tend to celebrate those who are driven by their personal dreams.

We too can have our personal dreams of ambition and success but as Christians our personal dreams must be subject to a greater dream whose source is God. The dreams of God however, operate at a very different level to those of the world. God’s dreams both inspire and disturb. They are given not just to individuals but to church communities.

The story of Joseph is the story of a family wrestling with God’s dream. It is a dream of great promise that carries a great cost. How this family handles the dream provides us with food for thought as to how we handle the dreams of God for our lives and our church community. God’s dreams always invite us to live in new and different ways.”

Rev Ross Morgan